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Willy! (or Won't He?) is the second half of episode 8, in the second season.


Flapjack goes out to capture Eight-Armed Willy to prove that he's a real adventurer.


Flapjack and K'nuckles, after winning a bet with Larry, sit down at their booth with the free jar of candy that they won. While Flapjack starts shouting the word Adventure over and over again, A sailor snaps at him and tells him that he's not even a real adventurer, due to the fact that he hasn't done anything dangerous. Flapjack, in desperation, thinks of something daring to do in order to prove everybody wrong: Capturing Eight-Armed Willy and making him sing. If Flapjack loses this bet, he'll never be able to say the word 'Adventure' again, but if Flapjack wins, the sailor has to get a tattoo saying Flapjack is the best adventurer ever. While they're walking from the candy barrel, they notice Scoops, presumably thinking of a good title for a newspaper article about the situation. Scoops agrees to help Flapjack and K'nuckles, in exchange for helping him in return. He invites the two over to meet the Secret Society of Scribes, and says that they'll help capture Willy in exchange for getting Ink.

As Flapjack is on the ship, he realizes that he has a very good chance of dying while fighting Willy, as nobody has ever defeated him before. When they approach Willy and attempt to spear him, they immediately anger him, which throws everybody into a frenzy attempting to fight him. As everything seems hopeless, Flapjack pokes Willy's only clear eye, successfully confusing him, and then manages to knock him out and capture him. When the crew made it back to Stormalong Harbor, seemingly successful in their plans, the sailor that Flapjack made a deal with said that they skipped an important part of the deal, which was to make Willy sing. Willy suddenly wakes up, busting through the straps that kept him down, grabbing Flapjack and the other writers. Flapjack explains to him that he needed to capture him and make him sing, or else he couldn't ever say the word 'Adventure' again. As the writers break into song, Willy starts to explain to them that he loves to sing and he could've just given them the ink if they had asked. The episode ends with everybody singing, and the sailor who lost the bet getting the tattoo saying Flapjack is the greatest adventurer ever.


Adventure, Adventure (song)


"I'm sick of hearing this little, PIP-squeak scream "Adventure!" every time I come in here! You're ok K'nuckles, but this kid, he's no adventurer!"


  • The things that Flapjack mentioned to the man, were references to Cuddle Trouble, Whale Times and Jar She Blows!
  • This is the only episode where Willy has a major speaking role. It is also Willy's last appearance in the series.
  • This is the first and only major speaking role of Scoops.
  • Bubbie doesn't appear in this episode.
  • K'nuckles sailed flawlessly in this episode. However he has stated that he never learned to sail in S.S. K'nuckles. It is possible that he has learned how to do it afterwards.