My local time is: 12:30PM EDT, Sunday, June 20, 2021 (update)

About Me

Hello, I'm MuscleBob! I adopted the Flapjack Wiki Harbor on February 14, 2018, and I am a bureaucrat and administrator on this wiki. I'm not very active at the moment, but I do come by and help out on here every once in a while.

To-Do List

  • Add infoboxes to every article. (Ex: character articles, episode articles, etc.)
  • Clean up episode articles. (Use the shorts as a guide)
  • Add transcripts to every episode and short. (Use Flagship's transcript as a guide)
  • Add a gallery to every episode, short, and character article. (This is yet to be done on any episode or short, however, it has been implemented in a few character articles)
  • Remove unnecessary categories. (Ex: Episodes focusing on Flapjack, People Who Are Mean To Knuckles, Heros, etc.)
  • Prioritize episodes over objects, characters, etc. in relation to articles with the same name. (Ex: Kid Nickels should link to the episode rather than the character)
  • More to be added.
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