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The Trolley Hag is a minor character in the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of FlapjackShe was once Captain K'nuckles love as a child, before being pushed off the docks by K'nuckles and being eaten by a giant squid. She now serves as the conductor of the Stormalong trolley. 


K'nuckles met his first love, the Trolley Hag, as a child. However, he pushed her off a dock, where a giant squid ate her, causing her to become a deformed zombie. She was riddled with sea creatures crawling around her body from all of the years in the sea/the squid's stomach.

She breaks frequently, and shows Flapjack around the trolley instead of driving it, to get revenge on K'nuckles. She even goes so far as curing Flapjack's illness and throwing the rest of the cure out of the window.


  • Flapjack affectionately calls her 'Wench Lady' which she seems to like.

The Trolley Hag before being pushed off the docks by K'nuckles.