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The Screaming Voice (officially known as "THE MAN SCREAMING") is a stock sound effect of a unknown male voice, possibly that of Jeff Hutchins, screaming that is used as a running gag many times throughout the course of the series. It normally occurs during moments where something ugly, gross, or just generally strange appears, as well as during certain close-up shots.

List of appearances

Season 1

Season 2

  • "Behind the Curtain" - K'nuckles looking behind the Dock Hag's shower curtain to see what's going on on the other side.
  • "Shut It" - K'nuckles showing off the (terrible) paper-mache mask he made of Flapjack's face for the first time.
  • "100 Percensus" - The close-up shot of the Senseless Pirate Captain's pirate tattoo after he reveals to Flapjack that they aren't actually Census takers.
  • "Oh You Animal!" - The close-up shot of K'nuckles's face

Season 3:

  • "Careful What You Fish For" - The close up shot of Peppermint Larry's face.
  • "Candy Colleague" - The "The End" card at the end of the episode as Doctor Barber hits the patient with a stick.
  • "Fish Out of Water" - The close up shot of the fish wearing K'nuckles's clothes, as well as the shot of Flapjack and K'nuckles's tails when Peppermint Larry mentions that they aren't even human.


Although it's possible that the sound effect existed prior to Flapjack, there's little doubt that the show's prolific useage of the sound byte made it popular. It has since gone on to be featured in numerous animated series, and has become something of a modern Wilhelm Scream for the internet.