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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is a Cartoon Network animated series that began June 6, 2008, and ended on August 30, 2010.


Flapjack is a young boy raised by a talking whale named Bubbie. The two led a peaceful life until the duo discovered and rescued a pirate by the name of Captain K'nuckles, who tells Flapjack of a place called Candied Island. Inspired by the adventurous pirate, Flapjack, Captain K'nuckles, and Bubbie get into creepy predicaments and "misadventures" in search of Candied Island, and the coveted title of "Adventurer." The three spend most of their time in Stormalong Harbor, where they earn money, eat candy, and get into a lot of trouble.


Main cast

  • Flapjack (Thurop Van Orman) A strange, cute and funny little boy with one tooth in the top and bottom of his mouth who was found and raised by Bubbie, a talking whale. Flapjack is very naïve and oblivious to danger, thus he is easily caught up in perilous situations. He holds K'nuckles in extremely high regard, with his affection for the captain sometimes bordering on obsession. His catchphrase is "Adventure!" (said whenever excited).
  • Captain K'nuckles (Brian Doyle-Murray) An old Irish captain who claims to be the greatest adventurer the world has ever known. Nowadays, he prefers to nap and drink maple syrup, while telling outrageous tales of past adventures and getting Flapjack wrapped up in his high seas hi-jinks. In reality, his stories are either completely false, or nowhere near as adventurous or amazing as he leads Flapjack to believe.
  • Bubbie (Roz Ryan) An anthropomorphic whale, she is Flapjack's devoted, adoptive single mother. Bubbie serves as the primary home and transport of both Flapjack and K'nuckles. She frequently disapproves of Flapjack's desire for adventure, but will always be won over.

Supporting cast

  • Peppermint Larry (Jeff Bennett)  The owner and manager of The Candy Barrel, the only place in Stormalong where adventurers can get candy. Peppermint Larry is shown as a generally nice person, but can also be hasty and selfish at times. Peppermint Larry is lonely and unsocial, so he made a woman of candy named Candy Wife; though he has an ugly adopted daughter named Candy. He loves Candy Wife as if she were real, while most other residents of Stormalong "played along" to humor him.
  • Doctor Julius Barber (Steve Little) The current doctor and barber of Stormalong. He is not only a doctor and a barber, but also a certified candyologist. Like many characters in the show, Doctor Barber has an odd, unsettling demeanor. His driving ambition is to perform surgery on and give hair cuts to as many people as possible. It is unclear whether his drive to perform surgery is motivated by his desire to help his patients or is caused by a terribly sadistic nature. His obsession with surgery leads him to always advise the simplest medical problems be addressed with a surgical procedure.


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In other media

Home release

Two DVDs for the series have been released, the first being the 2009 release of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Vol. 1. It was later re-released in 2014.

The series is currently available for digital purchase on ITunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Video games

In Spring 2010, series creator Thurop Van Orman confirmed that a video game based on the series was in the works and it would be released on the Nintendo DS. However, the show would later get cancelled and finished its run on August 30, 2010. There has been no news on the game since and it can be assumed it was cancelled along with the show.

Flapjack and Captain Knuckles would later appear as playable characters in Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion; Peppermint Larry and Candy Wife acted as assist characters, while one of the stages is set within Bubbie's Mouth. Eight-Armed Willy appears as part of Flapjack's Punch Time Explosion.


  • Flapjack's original voice actor was meant to be Paul Reubens, but Reubens never showed up to any recording sessions.


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