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Snarked is the episode 4b of the first season.

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Foot Burn


Flapjack Talks about Stormalong, But Ends up as "Stormalone". Except for Everybody Who's Hiding from a Snark Ship, including K'nuckles.


  • If the Snarks only speak Snarklish, then how at the end, could they say, "--Dangerous criminals." in plain English? (maybe the captain is the one who spoke and he could speak English unlike the rest)
  • Why would Snark jailers have whale bones and guts on their ship?  (unless the Snarks killed whale criminals)
  • The Snarkslish language is actually Russian; however, Invitation Card contains several grammar mistakes (it reads as "You Invitation Dinner" instead of "You are invited for dinner").
  • We learn that Snarks speak in a different language.
  • We learn that everyone hides when Snark jailers come.
  • this is the first episode where it has the Screaming Voice


Jackflap: Hi! I like adventure, too!

K'nuckles: How about you go in first? Flapjack: Adventure?

Flapjack: Welcome to Stormalong, where everyone is rough, tough and ready for ADVENTURE!

Flapjack: Look, there's Bubbie! (realizes it's a pile of whale guts) Oops, sorry, it was just a pile of whale guts that looked like Bubbie.

Flapjack: Look at all these bones! (trips on a bone) I even tripped on a bone!

(K'nuckles & Flapjack chase after the Snarklovich ship) Flapjack: Boy, you must really love Bubbie. K'nuckles: You kidding? All my stuff's on that whale! Flapjack: But don't you care about Bubbie? K'nuckles: Yeah, in a storage-shed kind of way.

Flapjack: (grabs a fish) Okay, Mr. Fish. My friend's in a lot of trouble, and we need you to follow that ship. K'nuckles: What is wrong with you?

Flapjack: I don't feel snarked, just hungry.

K'nuckles: Psst! Hey, boy! Flapjack: K'nuckles was eaten by a crate?! This is the worst adventure ever!