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The Plant Man is the 15th episode of first season. Flapjack goes to the candy barrel to but some candy but, he has no money. He says all he has is a rock, a shell, and a piece of fruit. Peppermint Larry reveals Stormalong hasn't had a piece off fruit for ages. He says he'll give Flapjack two pieces of candy for it. As Peppermint Larry discusses how to split up the fruit, Captain K'nuckles comes in and eats it. The customers form an angry mob and try to cut K'nuckles open to get the friut's seeds. K'nuckles faints and Flapjack says he'll go to Fruit Island and get some more. They make it to fruit island but every time they get close to picking some fruit, a mysterious Plant Man always gets it first.


  • This episode reveals that Peppermint Larry serves fish mush in addition to candy at his business.
  • We see K'nuckles dancing for the first time during the Plant Man Song.
  • Bubbie has a minor role in this episode.
  • Goof: During Flapjack's story, when the adventurer decided to cut Knuckles stomach open to get the seeds out, Flapjack was holding a pot. But in the next scene, he is not holding it anymore.
  • Where did Flapjack get the fresh fruit if he had never been to Fruit Island before?
  • Apparently, K'Nuckles faints when he gets scared. Bubbie uses this to make fun of K'Nuckles