Peppermint Larry is a recurring character in the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. He is the owner of the Candy Barrel, and husband to his spouse, Candy Wife. Similar to K'nuckles and Flapjack, he seeks the mythical Candied Island.


Peppermint Larry has a thin body with a long head, he also has brown hair and has large very visable gums. He wears a white dress shirts with red stripes, a white apron, brown pants with black shoes and black round glasses. He is 6 feet tall.


Peppermint Larry seems to be very energetic and enthusiastic, however, he can be a bit strict at times and dislikes K'nuckles for rarely having any money to pay for his expenses at the Candy Barrel. At times, he can appear to be somewhat paranoid, disturbed, or incredibly lonely due to his strange marital relationship and sudden bursts of laughter.

Peppermint Larry usually enjoys telling puns and jokes, even during gloomy times, as seen in My Guardian Angel is Killing Me. He has a caramel cannon that he uses to shoot at sailors who cannot leave their ships. The majority of the town thinks Peppermint Larry is either insane, delusional, or lonely because of his relationship with Candy Wife, who rarely moves, speaks, or shows any sign of life.


  • He has made it clear on several occasions that he hates pickles, as seen in the Eye Sea You episode. In addition, the land of Pickle Island haunts his nightmares, and, much to his dismay, he once went to said location while following a map that supposedly led to Candied Island.
  • Peppermint Larry has an odd, fearful relationship with his wife. For example, Candy Wife once threatened him for merely looking at a Gingerbread Woman. She has also tried to "poison" him with pickle juice.
  • Peppermint Larry is skilled at telling jokes--particularly, puns. His bad experience in a "pun-off" is detailed in the episode Pun Times with Punsie McKale.
  • He is very good at flag-signaling, as seen in the short 'Flagship.'
  • He appears in the opening sequence, albeit wearing a sailor hat.
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