Panfake is the 12th episode in Season 1 alongside with the episode "Oh Brother"


Peppermint Larry enlists the help of Stormalong Harbor residents to clean the Candy Barrel before an inspection. The Dock Hag closes the Candy Barrel because of 'Rats' after seeing Larry demonstrate rat puppets for Flapjack. The rats are not that popular so Peppermint Larry makes puppets called Pancake, Captain K'neecaps, and Big Fat Talking Boat, based on Flapjack, Knuckles, and Bubbie respectivley, and bases their adventures on the trio's real ones. Flapjack spends the day with the Dock Hag to trick Larry into making a boring puppet show. The Dock Hag, angry at Larry's portrayal of her, closes the Traveling Puppetastic Exhibition. She allows Larry to re-open the Candy Barrel provided he makes a Chocolate Man for the Dock Hag, along the same vein as Candy Wife.


  • K'nuckles walks a little bit, then turns back to see if Flapjack is following him after saying he doesn't like adventures.
  • It's learned in this episode that besides from being a pun master, owning The Candy Barrel, and trying to find Candied Island, Peppermint Larry likes to perform with puppets.
  • This episode is a parody of the word "pancake".
  • Ironically, "flapjack" is another word for "pancake", hence Peppermint Larry naming the puppet "Pancake".


  • This is the third time Peppermint Larry played a main role in the storyline. The other two were "That's A Wrap!" and "Pun Times With Punsie McHale".


Flapjack: If I stop having adventures, then everyone will stop liking Pancake! I just have to stop having adventures!
Bubbie: But, muffin, you love adventures.
Flapjack: Nope! I used to love adventures!

Flapjack and Bubbie, Panfake

Flapjack and Peppermint Larry chuckles subsequently.
Crowd: Larry! Larry! Larry!
Peppermint Larry: Guess that's my cue.
Flapjack: I guess it is.
Peppermint Larry: Might as well start the show.
Flapjack: Might as well.
Peppermint Larry: Hope you like it.
Flapjack: I'm sure I will. (Both chuckles)

Flapjack and Peppermint Larry, Panfake

Peppermint Larry: Flapjack, the greatest thing happened! I designed a brand new puppet; one that everyone will like!
Flapjack: Jeepers!
K'nuckles: And you built a stage so no one has to see your face!

Flapjack, Peppermint Larry and K'nuckles

Peppermint Larry: (as Pancake) Don't worry friend, nobody has to know about this. You can trust me! Isn't that right, Captain K'neecaps?
Captain K'neecaps Puppet: (speaks) What? How are we supposed to get home?!
Pancake: In our big, fat, talking boat, see?! (Boat Marionette comes on-screen)
Boat Marionette: Did somebody say "Boat?" Toot toot! (audience laughs)
Bubbie: He said what?
Captain K'nuckles: You should've seen how big he made my nose!

Peppermint Larry: (as Pancake) I wish I could give this day a hug. (knocks the marionette to the edge of the set) Cannonballs! (audience laughs)
K'nuckles: He sure got you pegged alright, Flapjack!

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