Pancake was a marionette designed by Peppermint Larry as a parody and imitation of Flapjack. He was seen in the episode Panfake, and that has been his only appearance so far. His friends include Big Fat Talking Boat and Captain K'neecaps, a parody of Bubbie and Captain K'nuckles, which deeply offended both. It came down to a point when the show was called the Amazing Adventures of Pancake. The Candy Barrel had recently been shut down by the Dock Hag due to health violations (Peppermint Larry had been using dead rats as puppets for entertainment) and Peppermint Larry started the puppet show 'The Amazing Adventures of Pancake' to make a living (much to Flapjack's dismay). Parodies of Flapjack, K'nuckles,and Bubbie, were all part of the puppet show, though Eight-Armed Willy and Dock Hag were also in the show as themselves. In fact, the Dock Hag's puppet is what made her decide to shut down Pancake & re-open the Candy Barrel.


  • "Cannonballs."
  • "You can trust me."
  • "Could the other half be chocolate?"
  • "In our big, fat, talking boat! see?"
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