My Guardian Angel is Killing Me is the 16th episode of the first season, along side with the episode "Dear Diary
Cap'n K'nuckles

Portrait of K'nuckles


Flapjack saved K'nuckles from a giant crab and when Flapjack told Bubbie she said that an angel kissed Flapjack's Tushy when he was born and he became a Guardian Angel. Which maddened K'nuckles and strolled off saying Bubbie's a liar. Flapjack strolled after him in order to protect K'nuckles which ruined all the fun. Finally K'nuckles snapped and went to Doctor Barber for help and he stated that K'nuckles be hypnotized so people would beleive he's dead and after the funeral Doctor Barber will put reviving tonic on K'nuckles and he would go to a new town and change his name. When they hypnotized him the funeral began. Doctor Barber but the revivin tonic near his 'corpse'' When they were about to finish the funeral Doctor Barber remembered that it was his holiday and went on a cruise. Before they were about to dump him in the oceanflapjack got on the stage and stated tha he failed K'nuckles slamming his fist after each sentance which moved the tonic closer to falling on K'nuckles. Just as it was going to fall on K'nuckles, Flapjack grabbed it and put it in it's oringinal place when Peppermint Larry stated that it was time to throw the K'nuckles in the ocean. When they were about to Flapjack jumped on K'nuckles and started crying which woke K'nuckles up. After, Flapjack and K'nuckles went to see the tonic to see that it was made by 100% Guardian Angel tears. When Bubbie came and told Flapjack that he really was a Guardian Angel. The shot then saws Doctor Barber on his cruise when the captain of the ship came and asked him for his ticket. He started to panic because he had no ticket. So he begins to hypnotized the Captain...


  • In "My Guardian Angel Is Killin' Me", if you look closely, you can see Kid Nickels in the background. This makes his 2nd appearance in the show.
  • "My Guardian Angel Is Killin' Me" will air om July 2.
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