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Ms. Leading is Stormalong's only known educator. She is a new resident of Stormalong Harbor. In her first appearance she becomes the first woman we see K'nuckles swoon over, which causes her to reveal her status as married, though whether she was being honest with this revelation or says it simply to make the Captain put his shirt back on is unknown. She has a 'candy for correct answers' policy in her teachings as well as several, more bizarre, discipline methods. It is also revealed that she is really Eight-Armed Willy and that she is controlled by one of his tentacles, though it is turned out that the real Mrs. Leading was wearing a Eight-Armed Willy costume.

She made an appearence in Pun Times with Punsie McHale, she was in the audience during Punsie's and Peppermint Larry's Punn Off.

In Cuddle Trouble, she made a very brief appearence. She was in the Candy Barrel when everybody was laughing at Flapjack for having "Troubles with Snuggles"

In, My Guardian Angel is Killing Me! she attended Captain K'nuckles' funeral. She appeared very sad, as she was crying when she said goodbye to him. She is apparently voiced by a different actress in this episode. When she walks away, K'nuckles's thoughts are heard on the screen, and he says, "Hey, what happened to her accent?"

Her name is amusingly a pun for "misleading".


Average height, curly red hair, bonnet and an open necked blue dress with a striped top. See picture.