The Little Old Lady is a lovable senior citizen who lives somewhere in Stormalong Harbor. At the Knot Festival, Flapjack sang for her. She has made cameos in other episodes, but only in the background. She wears an orange dress with purple flowers on it. Her large eyes and beaming grin even made K'nuckles smile (for a second or two). Judging by her disposition in her debut episode, she seems to be a very happy-go-lucky person, much like Flapjack. It has been said she makes some pretty good pineapple upside-down cake. She is one of the victims that have been caught by Arthritis. She appeared in other episodes such as, "Sea Legs" & "My Guardian Angel Is Killing Me".


She looks like an angel, or a sweet little baby(that's why I can't stop staring at this little old lady). She looks like she could make some really good pinaple upsidedown cake. She also looks like she could take really good care of Flapjack, if he didn't already have Bubbie.

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