Kid Nickels' Ex-Mentor

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During the episode "Kid Nickels", this odd looking adventurer had been playing poker with K'nuckles. When K'nuckles was on the verge of losing the game he bet Flapjack as a last resort, when the others realised he was willing to make such a serious bet they all chickened out except for Kid Nickels' Mentor who decided to bet all his candy, sadly for him K'nuckles won and he ran off crying. After a few minutes K'nuckles realised that a young man was standing on his pile of candy, when he asked who he was, the Mentor came back and explained that he was his cabin boy Kid Nickels who he also bet after K'nuckles bet his cabin boy, throughout the rest of the episode he was never seen again but he did however make a cameo apperance in "Love Bugs".

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