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This is the page about Kid Nickels. If you were looking for the article about the character, then see Kid Nickels (character).

Kid Nickels is the first half of the second episode in the 1st season of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, and the 3rd episode overall.



K'nuckles bets—and wins— Flapjack in a poker game, resulting in the two falling out. K'nuckles also wins a new cabin boy named Kid Nickels, named after the two nickles he has. The two get along well, leaving Flap behind. Flap asks what appears to be a a brave adventurer to be his new mentor, but it turns out to be The Businessman returning from a costume party. Flapjack learns the banking trade, gets a complete image makeover including new suit, a haircut, much to Flap's chargrin, and a bath to wash off all the candy grime and stickyness and dirt from pesantry and poop from falling on his face alot, but is still upset about losing his captain. K'nuckles has a falling out with Kid Nickels and attempts to take Flap back, but The Businessman challenges him to a wrestling match. While they are fighting, the bank gets robbed. It turns out to be Kid Nickels, whose woeful love of money convinces The Businessman to take him as an apprentice, leaving Flapjack to K'nuckles.


  • This episode marks Kid Nickels' first appearance.
  • Shots showing the round poker table was censored for Australian viewers to eliminate the gambling reference.