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Just One Kiss is a 37a episode of the middle season.


Lost at Land


Wishing Not So Well


After K'nuckles was about to kiss Candy Wife once again, Peppermint Larry has had enough. They go win some stuff at the pool table K'nuckles vs. a young boy but it turned out he hussled him (meaning he tricked him into thinking he sucked) and won his clothes until Flapjack steped in and brought his stuff back. K'nuckles decides to use flapjack into playing everyone at the pool and eventually the building. Flapjack plays everyone and eventualy owns stormalong (except The Candy Barrol). They go there and make a bet that if K'nuckles wins he gets Peppermint Larry's stuff (including Candy Wife) but if Larry wins he gets K'nuckles' stuff besides Bubbie. Flapjack does a move so impresive it beats Larry's record (who is now a former 7 seas champian) Larry is so shock his jaw literally cuts threw his shirt (he also injures his arm when he tries to do it). Flapjack realizes that K'nuckles used him and fakes injury. K'nuckles takes flaps place and Candy Wife will move for Larry. Candy Wife does a super move and wins Stormalongs stuff. Flapjack explains this to bubbie only to find out K'nuckles got a picture of Candy Wife.