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Doctor Barber throws out a candy fountain replacement jar (think water fountains with the big water bottles on top) that still has two pieces of candy inside. Captain K'nuckles convinces Flapjack to strip down to his purple undies, grease himself up, and climb inside the jar. He also convinces Flap that he has a sickness that can only be cured with two pieces of candy, but before Flap can give him the second piece, the bottle is washed into the sea. While at sea, Flap saves two sea creatures and clips them to his ears, giving him a strange appearance. Flap is desperate to return the candy to his "sick" captain, and even hallucinates that the candy is talking to him. Fisherman catch the jar in their net, and become convinced that Flapjack is a genie. None of the fisherman can break the bottle open, and Flap rolls himself back to the sea. The jar washes up on Retired Genie Island, but the genies there recognise that Flapjack is not a genie, and zap him to Fake Genie Island. (making it the third island with genie in the title.) Raul, a fake genie, tricks Flapjack into giving him the candy, making Flap so upset he passes out. The fake genies discover that the bottle is from Candied Island, and release it back to the sea assuming that magic will wash it back to Candied Island. Doctor Barber goes to get a fresh mug of candy when Flapjack pops out of the candy fountain, grabbing one mint candy. He finds K'nuckles outside in another jar (because he felt bad and wanted to look for Flapjack) and gives him the candy.


Introduced Islands:

  • Retired Genie Island
  • Fake Genie Island


This episode marks the Season 2 premiere.

This episode is the fourth time where Flapjack is seen in his underwear. Yet this is pretty much the only episode where they are their basic purple color.

This is the third episode where Flapjack takes off his clothes.


  • Flapjack(to k'nuckes): But captain, everyone will see my purple undies.
  • K'nuckes: (laughs) what?! no body is around. Besides, all the great adventuers wear purple unders. Sure.
  • Flapjack: Really? I'll do it.


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