The home of Flapjack and K'nuckles, hence the name, is none other than Bubbie's mouth/stomach. The two use her tongue as a bed, and possibly take the fish she ate out of her stomach and eat it.

Deeper down is her stomach, where a woman by the name of Ruth had been trapped ever since Bubbie was young after swallowing her whole by accident. Bubbie could not hear Ruth inside her stomach so the woman spent the following years baking the same pie over and over again in her oven which was also swallowed to stay sane. It wasn't until the arrival of Flapjack that both he and Ruth were freed.


Bubbie's Insides


  • Oddly enough, Whenever Bubbie is talking when somebody is shown inside of her mouth, it doesn't open. It is likely enough she doesen't have to because you won't hear the weird sound you would when outside. There is also a toilet inside her too. It is also shown that her tooth can be opened as a door or window when needed. Her tounge does not move when she is talking.