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Harvey was a giant, hideous whale in the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of FlapjackHe only appeared in "Whale Times." He kissed Bubbie in order to kidnap Knuckles and Flapjack who were inside and brought them back to Laundry island where they would do his laundry alongside other's who suffered the same fate. When Bubbie finds and confronts Harvey, he roars, intimidating her. After finding a pair of undies folded into a heart by her baby (Flapjack) her motherly instincts awakened her true power, allowing her to punch him into the laundry machinery his captives operated to do his laundry and was subsequently bleached and shrunk. He was eaten by Glubbie soon after and his captives were reunited with their counterparts to Blubbie and Glubbie 


Harvey is a whale that is around two times the size of Bubbie. He is a dark grey with yellowish-orange eyes. He is mostly scarred up with stitches speckled throughout his body, as well as weapons littered here and there. He has an anchor tattoo on his left arm as well.


Harvey was a large whale who dislikes doing his laundry. He was shown to be selfish and lazy as he kidnapped around 4 or 5 young kids and their Captain's from their counterparts to Bubbie in order to make them do his laundry. He is also aggressive since he roared at Bubbie when she tried to get her son back. Despite sounding like a brute he is actually somewhat clever as he managed to Kidnap K'nuckles and Flapjack without having to fight or swim away. After being bleached and shrunk when Bubbie punched him into the machinery on Laundry island, he appears embarrassed before he's eaten alive by Glubbie 

Harvey (right)