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Hand It Over is the 7b episode of the first season.



Foot Burn


"How the West Was Fun"


Knuckles meets Captain "Hanthony" Handy which threatens to steal the fake hand, but Flapjack thinks it's all a lie and that he stole it. K'nuckles spends the last few hours with his hand and after the last hours, Flapjack tells K'nuckles off and in the process attracting attention (As a side note, making puns on the word "Lie" by saying lighthouse, Lima beans and lion.). Afterward, Knuckles is attacked by everyone (As a side note, he stole someone's dog and a man said li(e)ne) and all that's left is his eyeballs. The dock hag comes and wants to trade the hand like back scratcher for K'nuckles' eyeballs but Flapjack notices the top and he says it was a hand which disgusts the dock hag and she drops the back scratcher. The top says "Hanthony" which is Captain Handy's real hand and he gives the hand that says "Handrew" back to K'nuckles and K'nuckles is still mad at Flapjack.


  • Why does K'nuckles' hand say Handrew?
  • This marks the first time K'nuckles lost his body parts, expect his eyes. Later, it was the same in Fancy Pants, but he had eyes and nose left.