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The Grand Flying Contraption

The Grand Flying Contraption is an airship created by the Professor. Bubbie, Flapjack, and Captain K'nuckles are the first three passengers aboard it. It is the predesscessor to the Flying Contraption. After flying into a storm, the professor becomes ashamed of liking Bubbie and goes underneath the ship. Then Flapjack convinces him to come back up and they return to Stormalong Harbor. Shortly after, the Professor's evil brother (the creator of Whoosh: the alpha whale) blew it up. The Whoosh was destroyed in an act of revenge.

Design and function

The Grand Flying Contraption is a medium sized vessel with ropes attaching it to a very large hot air balloon. On it is a large circular elevated area where the hold and cabins are. Bubbie sits on top of this. The contraption's wheel does not control anything, and instead is just for show. The Professor revealed to flapjack that the grand control system is a remote "in [my] pocket". The ship also has a lowering crows nest that goes underneath the ship.It is a dirigible.


After coming back to Stormalong Harbor from a stormy trip, the Inventor set off an explosive which destroyed the contraption as it gone down to the ocean.