Fancy Pants is the first half of the 5th episode in the second season of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjackfollowing "Cuddle Trouble."


K'nuckles tries to enter the Candy Barrel's V.I.P section by obtaining fancy pants.


The episode starts with Flapjack and K'nuckles relaxing and eating candy at the Candy Barrel when they realize Peppermint Larry is opening a new section called the V.I.P section. K'nuckles wants to go in but Peppermint Larry says the only way to get in is to wear fancy pants.

K'nuckles take Flapjack to buy fancy pants to in the V.I.P section but they have no money. The shopkeeper tells them that there is indeed one free fancy pants but it is huge and you have to fit into it to get it. Outside the store, a hotdog seller offers them a candy coated hotdog that is super fattening. K'nuckles ate a pile of them and became super fat. K'nuckles and Flapjack go back to the store and because of eating the hotdogs, K'nuckles fit perfectly into the pants. The shopkeeper congratulates K'nuckles by giving him a cane and a hat.

At the Candy Barrel, Peppermint Larry still would not let K'nuckles in, claiming to know K'nuckles for far too long to do so. K'nuckles gives a long speech that moves the patrons of the V.I.P section and they chant for K'nuckles's entry, to which Larry finally does. K'nuckle's stomach then grumbles and he explodes, sending hot dogs all over the V.I.P section and drowning the Candy Barrel. Everyone is then seen on a floating piece of wood, with the V.I.P section still intact. The episode ends with K'nuckles once again being refused entry.


Major Characters

  • K'nuckles
  • Flapjack

Secondary Characters

  • Peppermint Larry
  • Shopkeeper


  • This is the second time K'nuckles lost of all his body parts other than his eyes, the first being in Hand It Over.
  • When Knuckles blew up, the Candy Barrel turned red. This could've been blood.
    • It may have also been red liquid candy.


  • This episode is all about K'nuckles getting fancy pants, but in the episode "That's a Wrap," he stated that pants are for sissies. It's possible he got over it.
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