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Dr. Julius[2] Barber is a major recurring character in the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. He is the local doctor, surgeon, and barber in Stormalong Harbor, and runs both a barbershop and a doctor's office which are next door to each other.


Dr. Barber's design is made up of mostly ovals. He has a long head with a wide body, with thin limbs and visible lips. He doesn't have any hair on his head, though does have a long pencil mustache that also form his sideburns. Doc wears a blueish-gray dress shirt, a red bowtie, blue and white striped pants being held up by brown suspenders, and brown boots. He either wears a head-mirror or a blue skimmer depending on what job he's working on.

His work outfit is similar to his employees', although the colors of their bows and hats are switched.


Doctor Barber is considered to be unnerving to most of the townsfolk, having a weird obsession over surgery and his doctoring job to the point of purposefully messing up his patients for fun. At points, he can be considered downright maniacal, though it's often caused by poor principles. He's very strange in his mannerisms, and usually ends up doing more harm that good unintentionally. Nonetheless, he seems to enjoy actually tending to the people of Stormalong on a good day. In a few instances, Doc can seem lonely or shut-off, considering he lives with his mother and doesn't appear to have many friends nor a social life.

He has a verbal tic, often saying "hmm" and "yes" between his sentences.


  • He is one of the many characters who are unable to read.
    • This is appropriate to both the time period and Doctor Barber's questionable skillset.
  • In the episode "Eye Sea You," it is revealed that he feeds all the hair he sweeps up to a creature contained in his basement.
  • Dr. Barber is known for mesmerizing customers or patients with a hot towel "treatment." 
  • He does not wear gloves while performing surgery on his patients.
  • He is seen in Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL, as a background character.
  • His name, both of his jobs, and his creepy obsession with surgery are likely a reference to medical practices in colonial times, which appears to be roughly around the time the show takes place in. Regular doctors considered themselves to be above surgery, so barbers were instead called upon when an operation needed to be done since they were skilled with sharp tools and making precise cuts.
  • He is accompanied by three other singing barber's assistants in the first episode he appears in, making him part of a quartet, another recurring gag among old-timey barbers. The three singers don't appear in any other episode as a major character, though do make cameo appearances.



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