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Down with the Ship

Season 2, Episode 8a

Episode name pun on: "Down with the ship"

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Candy Cassanova (episode)


Willy! (Or won't he?)


The episode begins with knuckles ordering Flapjack around.Bubbie tells knuckles to stop ordering flapjack around but flapjack says its okay because he is a captain,and captains give orders.Bubbie questions that knuckles really is a captain but knuckles says he has captains papers..Bubbie wants to know where they are and knuckles says they are on a ship at the bottom of the ocean.They decide to go find them and while they are searching knuckles tells Flapjack a fake story of how he got his captains papers.However,when flapjack and knuckles find the ship and urged Bubbie to to let them get inside. Bubbie tales them that they have to check for any air pockets with leaves the two out of her mouth so she can check. She comes back later saying that its safe and finds the due struggling to hold their breath and entered the ship to have a look around. Flapjack finds out that knuckles failed.then the other members of the crew that sank come in and find Flapjack and knuckles hiding in a barrel.Knuckles then tells the crew that the only reason he did not pass the test was because the captain was a jerk and that he hated him.But the crew tells him the captain loved him which makes knuckles tell real story and how he sunk ship.flapjack then asks the crew if knuckles can take a retest,which they let him do.However,the crew makes knuckles do all sorts of ridiculous stuff that does not even have anything to do with the retest.After knuckles finds out he did that stuff for nothing he goes berserk and causes the ship to come back up to the surface.the captain then arrives on  a rowboat and gives knuckles his captains papers for raising anchor. Bubbie arrives and knuckles tells Flapjack to put the papers in bubbies face because he is going to party as the episode ends.


We finally learn that K'nuckles has got his Captain's Papers.

When K'nuckles(as well as his younger self) jumped and said "I'm Gonna to Party!" in the end, this was more similar to the cover for Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA.

  • we finally learn how k'nuckles sank and flapjack rescued him