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This is the page about Candy Colleague. If you were looking for the article about the character, then see Candy Colleague (character).

Candy Colleague is the first half of the 3rd episode in the third season.



Flapjack makes Doctor Barber a friend out of candy.


Due to Doctor Barber being upset because nobody needs surgery from him, Flapjack makes him a friend out of candy. They quickly became fast friends, and since he thought nobody needed him, Doctor Barber decided to leave Stormalong with

Doctor Barber hugging his best friend.


But when Doctor Barber was about to leave, the townspeople came to him in need of surgery. So when Doctor Barber refused because he was going away with Candy Colleague, the townspeople turned on them and decided to get rid of Candy Colleague.

They tried to hide with Peppermint Larry, but when he thought Candy Colleague was eyeing his wife, he turned him over to the townspeople. Then Candy Colleague hid with Flapjack in the closet, and it was implied that he ate him.


  • Dr Barber was in college for 12 years.