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Down with the Ship



Peppermint Larry is going to be out of town and he cannot find somebody willing to look after his candy wife. Flapjack volunteers for the job and even wears the same clothes that Peppermint Larry does. When K'nuckles sees this he tells Flapjack that he does not want to be Peppermint Larry and then shuns him. K'nuckles then tries a variety of different acts in order for Flapjack to see Candy Wife's sour side. All of these acts fail to convince Flapjack, but after K'nuckles dumps pickle juice on Candy Wife, he reveals that he loves her and was jealous that Flapjack got to take care of her. K'nuckles then attempts to marry her, taking her to a rowboat and sailing away. Peppermint Larry then returns and Flapjack tries to make a decoy candy wife out of Lolly Poopdeck's buckets but Larry eventually figures it out. As Larry lays frozen in shock on the floor of the Candy Barrel at this shocking news, K'nuckles suddenly arrives with Candy Wife and a black eye, which he received from Candy Wife when he attempted to marry her. He returns Candy Wife to Peppermint Larry.


  • We reveal about K'nuckles' love for Candy Wife in the previous episode, Love Bugs
  • This is first time K'nuckles took off all of his clothes in public, including his hat.
  • This is first time Flapjack was not in his normal clothes in a whole episode(only for a few minutes in the beginning).