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The Candy Barrel

The Candy Barrel is the barrel-shaped candy bar owned by Peppermint Larry and his Candy Wife.

The Candy Barrel serves candy out of the tap and in beer mugs as though it were liquor. Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles always come to the Candy Barrel when they get the urge to have a mug full of candy but they usually run out before they have to pay the bill. Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles often go through Peppermint Larry's trash for any Candy he may have discarded. In one episode Captain K'nuckles claimed that he didn't know where the Candy Barrel was, while in other episodes he seems to get there without any problem at all. There are sailors from all around the world who come to the Candy Barrel, and there was one instance in the show where Peppermint Larry traded jokes for pieces of candy to travelling sailors just before they left. Peppermint Larry also has a caramel cannon that he uses to shoot caramel at sailors on their ships, who don't have time to walk inside.


Similar Places

  • The Candy Hydrant, located in Dogalong Harbor.The main difference between The Candy Hydrant and the Candy Barrel is that the Candy Hydrant serves dog food instead of candy.
  • The Candy Hole. It is almost exactly like the Candy Barrel, except it is filled with violent sailors and in horrible shape
  • The Candy Coral. It is an undersea version of the Candy Barrel with an undersea version of Peppermint Larry.