Cammie Island is the 8th episode in Season 1 alongside with the episode "Shave and a Haircut... Two Friends!"



K'nuckles and Flapjack dress as sardines and stow away on a ship which they think will take them to Candied Island (while Bubbie was exposed as a mammal (not a fish) before the boarding, and stayed behind). Instead of landing on Candied Island, they wind up on Cammie Island. They then meet an ogress who tries to attack K'nuckles and Flapjack. When it seemed the two would be eaten, Flapjack notices a bow in Cammie's hair and says that she is a girl. Pleased, Cammie befriends Flapjack, and they play in the mud together, along with finding and eating "scrambled" eggs. Meanwhile, K'nuckles builds three rafts, the first one being made out of fish (and being eaten by a shark), the second made out of bananas (eaten by a sea monkey), and the third made out of wood. Once K'nuckles finished the raft, he and Flapjack sneak away while Cammie is sleeping. Flapjack and K'nuckles have a small argument on whether the boat would float or not, and during the argument, Cammie wakes up, furious that Flapjack "leave Cammie in poorly built raft". Cammie chases the two to the edge of a cliff, where Cammie then, just when it seemed like it was over for Flapjack, suddenly left her fury and gave them a finely-built boat with a bow on it to sail back to Stormalong Harbor. Once there, Flapjack says hello again to Bubbie, and says that she is his oldest friend before Bubbie cuts him off. K'nuckles then opens Bubbie's mouth in a lobster costume, stating that there is a ship going to Candied Island and they could stow away as lobsters onboard. He then hands Flapjack a live lobster, before stating "the store ran out of costumes".


  • Cammie asked for scrambled eggs in one scene, yet they eat the egg non-scrambled.
  • Flapjack's egg was smaller than all the others, though all the the eggs were the same size.
  • In the same scene, there are three eggs: Cammie's, Flapjack's, and another one on the fire, yet in the previous scene, they only grabbed two eggs from the vulture.