For the episode, see Cammie Island (episode).

Cammie Island

Cammie Island is a minor location in the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of FlapjackIt is an island named after the giant monster who resides there.


In the episode of the same name, Captain K'nuckles incorrectly overheard sailors speaking of going to Candied Island, so he and Flapjack stow away in their ship by dressing like the sardines that were being loaded into the cargo hold.

The island itself is very dirty and seemingly polluted with lots of mud and vegetation. The island has a large volcano situated in its centre. 


Cammie is the only known inhabitant of the island. Sailors regularly leave sardines for Cammie to eat despite her extreme dislike of them. It is unknown as to why the sailors visit this island or why they feed Cammie. The animals  are walruses, vultures, sharks, and a sea gorilla.

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