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Two Old Men and a Lock Box


Lost at Land


K'nuckles fails at wrestiling Thomas after Thomas steals his limbs. Determined to win at wrestiling, he and Flapjack practice. But Flapjack becomes discouraged after losing so many times. Due to this, Bubbie demands that K'nuckles let Flapjack push him down. K'nuckles reluctantly complies and allows Flapjack to push him over. Then he goes to teach the sailors a lesson. Flapjack points out to Bubbie that the sailors should have no problem beating K'nuckles up, since he just lost to a little boy. Despite Bubbie's protests, he rushes to save K'nuckles. Flapjack saves him, but everyone makes fun of K'nuckles for letting a little boy fight for him. K'nuckles claims to Flapjack that he let him push him over, which Flapjack doesn't believe. K'nuckles challenges him and wins, but the angry crowd beats him up for beating up a child. In the end, Flapjack uses a wrestiling move on K'nuckles as he is dragging him home.


This is the third time K'nuckles fails at wrestling. The first two were Kid Nickels and Behind the Curtain.

How could Flapjack be strong enough to push down the sailors?

The second time K'nuckles is seen without his hat for a whole episode, but for a few seconds in one part. The first was Off With His Hat.

  • In the end of the episode,Flapjack done a wrestling manover called Elbow To The Chest
  • This maybe a short episode.

The outrage of the people toward K'nuckles for beat up Flapjacks could be considered hypocrisy, because in the beginning of the episode when the sailors were bullying K'nuckles, Flapjack tried to help him, only to be rudely pushed by one of this sailors, yet no one get upset or angry toward the sailors for treat badly to a child. But when K'nuckles do this, everyone get enrage and attack to K'nuckles, implying that maybe they don't mind the fact of a beat up child, but they simply like to see to K'nuckles humilliated, and they intenionally ignored that the sailors pushed Flapjack to the floor only to continue make fun of the situation of K'nuckles, but when he was who pushed to Flapjack, everyone became outraged, as if this was out of spite K'nuckles.