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The Alpha Whale was an automated whale in the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of FlapjackIt was used in a race against Bubbie, being controlled by slave children. 


In a planned race against Bubbie, the Alpha Whale was set to win and defeat Bubbie. In the beginning of the race, the machine was far behind, in order to save the slave children energy. 

Bubbie was trapped by a net fired by the the Alpha Whale, causing the machine to take the lead. However, the children inside had a 'scheduled break' given to them, giving Bubbie enough time to catch up.

The Sea of Teeth was ahead, and the Inventor of the the Alpha Whale fired all of his children slaves at a sea monster that appeared. However, the Inventor was unaware that without the children, there was no coal, meaning there was no Alpha Whale.

Bubbie and the crew had taken a lead, not long before Flapjack and Bubbie and him turned around to save the children. In the end, the Bubbie crew won, while the Alpha Whale lost by a tongue.


  • Bubbie was originally planned to be the Alpha Whale, however the idea was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • The Alpha Whale was subsquently destroyed by a bomb, detonated by The Inventor's brother, The Professor in retaliation for destroying his Grand Flying Contraption.
  • The Alpha Whale appears in Fusion Fall as a transport vehicle.
  • Despite supposedly being faster than Bubbie, the Alpha Whale is also extremely fuel-inefficient, needing a constant supply of coal to even keep moving at any speed.